Mona Lisa

Make it extraordinary

How Da Vinci’s world-renowned painting inspires to keep going the extra mile in today’s chocolate decorations landscape? Meet Mona Lisa. As a muse in trends on colour, art and design, she aims to bring out the artist in every chef. With extraordinary details like chocolate blossoms, curls, cups and sticks,…Read More

Vandemoortele | Salad in a Jar 2.0 campaign


Amplifying the brand with Salad in a Jar 2.0

Vandemoortele, a manufacturer of cooking oils and dressings (among other things), picked us as the right partner to relaunch its Salad in a Jar campaign. With an all-new take on the classic preserving jar and a ton of inspiring recipes as customer incentives, Salad in a Jar 2.0 brazenly set…Read More


Infusing Tomorrowland 2016 with chocolate Belgitude

Callebaut takes great pride in our beautiful little country. And is there a better place than the Tomorrowland festival – where over 200 different nationalities come together to celebrate – to inject with a delicious dose of Belgian madness? That’s why the Finest Belgian Chocolate manufacturer installed its Belgitude dessert…Read More

Callebaut | Crafted from bean to chocolate (rebranding)


Crafted from bean to chocolate

Great things are made in Belgium. Take the homebred Callebaut chocolate for instance. Started in Belgium in 1911, Callebaut’s chocolate makers still embrace the way their founding father Octaaf Callebaut crafted the famed chocolate in the early days: from bean to chocolate, all under one roof. It made the brand…Read More

World Chocolate Masters 2015 | Cacao Barry

Cacao Barry

Creating a realtime and digital stage for the best chocolate talents in the world

The World Chocolate Masters, organised by gourmet chocolate brand Cacao Barry, is the world’s most exciting competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate. The final of this competition was held in Paris in October 2015, bringing 20 nations together. Indeed, 20 chefs from nations all over the world joined…Read More