Ruby RB1 – Feel the spark

Meet ruby RB1: the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift of Mother Nature surprises with a new chocolate taste & colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean. To successfully launch this 4th type in chocolate, we built the innovative chocolate concept from scratch: from full social…Read More


eco-friendly braking

Thanks to Ferodo’s zero to low copper technology, the brand-new ECO FRICION® Brake Pads hardly pollute the environment during car trips from point A to B, providing an eco-friendly solution to a common braking problem. To launch their breakthrough in green brake pad technology right, we developed a range of…Read More

Mona Lisa

Make it extraordinary

How Da Vinci’s world-renowned painting inspires to keep going the extra mile in today’s chocolate decorations landscape? Meet Mona Lisa. As a muse in trends on colour, art and design, she aims to bring out the artist in every chef. With extraordinary details like chocolate blossoms, curls, cups and sticks,…Read More


Little adventures await

To put Olvarit’s range of tailor-made milk on the map, we created a detailed brand book with clear guidelines on their target group, visual identity and Complete Care message. From dos & don’ts on how to use claims when designing leaflets, folders and coupon cards to tips & tricks for…Read More


Ready, set, breakfast!

Alpro has always been at the forefront of plant-based innovation. To give their original Oat Drink a kick-start, we developed a handy “Close the Fibre Gap”-toolkit for dieticians. This fibre-filled package included to-the-point information on how to incorporate fibre into your daily routine, exciting recipes to create a fibre-fantastic breakfast…Read More