Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa @ Serbotel 2017

To give Mona Lisa a head start in the world of gastronomy, we developed a custom-made booth to put the rebranding right in the spotlight. And what better place to introduce her new identity than at Serbotel, the ultimate meeting place for professionals in catering, hospitality and food profession?Read More

Van Houten Caprimo truck 2


Drinks in motion

Barry Callebaut’s logistics department wanted its new packaging range to really stand out. To make sure they could transport their Dream Choco Drinks in style, we created eye-catching visuals for the trucks of both Caprimo and Van Houten: instantly recognizable, a little bit puzzling. A playful way to put their…Read More

Mona Lisa

Make it extraordinary

How Da Vinci’s world-renowned painting inspires to keep going the extra mile in today’s chocolate decorations landscape? Meet Mona Lisa. As a muse in trends on colour, art and design, she aims to bring out the artist in every chef. With extraordinary details like chocolate blossoms, curls, cups and sticks,…Read More



Welcome home birds

To give wild birds a warm-hearted into our gardens, homes and families, Versele-Laga developed season-specific bird nutrition so our feathered friends stay fit all year long. With insightful tips to feed, care and nurture wildlife around us, Menu Nature aims to stimulate both young and old to take care of…Read More


Focaccia fever

Naming a snack that’s even more classic than the traditional focaccia al forno? Impossible. This Ligurian delight tops every other bite in the business. Whether you like it spicy, or prefer a vegetarian Calabria, its tasty variations have been well-loved crowd-pleasers years before pizza was invented! We created Croustico’s full…Read More