Mona Lisa 3D Studio launch

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa 3D Studio – Chocolate for the digital age

How we supported the creation and launch of Mona Lisa 3D Studio In May 2018, Barry Callebaut’s global decorations brand reached out to us to discuss a then super confidential project: 3D printing in real, delicious chocolate. We partnered with Andreu Carulla’s awarded industrial design studio ACID Studio to develop…Read More


Uplift your energy with Vitafytea

We could all use a little energy kick from time to time. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or picking up the kids while answering an urgent phone call from your boss. Vitafytea has been into nutritional supplements for some time now. And in need of a revitalised brand identity, they…Read More


Danone BIO – Inspired by nature

More and more young parents and millennials are turning to organic alternatives to build healthy family habits. And they just love transparent food choices that benefit them and the planet in the long run. And that’s exactly where Danone comes in. Willing and able to play a key role in…Read More


brunch table ready

To keep all bread-loving people warm and comfy during winter, Croustico asked us to roll out, knead and bake a complete in-store activation plan centred on hearty, brunch approved bread recipes to share. You know, those freshly baked treats that make friends and family gather ‘round the table with a…Read More


Ruby RB1 – Feel the spark

Meet ruby RB1: the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift of Mother Nature surprises with a new chocolate taste & colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean. To successfully launch this 4th type in chocolate, we built the innovative chocolate concept from scratch: from full social…Read More