Activia – The cereal way to live in sync

With over 30 years of research & development in ferments and yoghurt processes under their belt, Activia’s passion and expertise in fresh milk products continues to inspire health-conscious women all over the world. With WeCereal, Activia introduces four fibre-rich yoghurts that celebrate everything soft and crunchy: Cereal, Hazelnut Quinoa, Muesli…Read More

Havana Club

Custodian of Cuban spirits

What better way to blend the age-old tradition of Cuban rum with modern-day drink concepts than to launch an exclusively packed Havana Club Añejo Especial with a dry touch of Schweppes Bitter Lemon? Meet the Havana Club Limón gift box. To make rum relevant in today’s fast-moving mixed drinks landscape,…Read More


Little adventures await

To put Olvarit’s range of tailor-made milk on the map, we created a detailed brand book with clear guidelines on their target group, visual identity and Complete Care message. From dos & don’ts on how to use claims when designing leaflets, folders and coupon cards to tips & tricks for…Read More


Bringing maize to your BBQ

Bonduelle is a company with a wealth of experience in vegetable products. To give their canned Crispy Maize a head start, we built their customer-centric summer campaign from the ground up. Nothing like some fine grillin’ & chillin’ when it’s baking hot outside. Since maize is the perfect ingredient for…Read More


Ready, set, breakfast!

Alpro has always been at the forefront of plant-based innovation. To give their original Oat Drink a kick-start, we developed a handy “Close the Fibre Gap”-toolkit for dieticians. This fibre-filled package included to-the-point information on how to incorporate fibre into your daily routine, exciting recipes to create a fibre-fantastic breakfast…Read More