Little adventures await

To put Olvarit’s range of tailor-made milk on the map, we created a detailed brand book with clear guidelines on their target group, visual identity and Complete Care message. From dos & don’ts on how to use claims when designing leaflets, folders and coupon cards to tips & tricks for finding your inner explorer when writing copy: everything to feed your sense of adventure.

To grow Olvarit’s market presence even further, we took care of their complete brand plan both digitally and in print. With online magazine advertisements, newsletters and banners for Zappy Ouders, PassionSanté and Gezond to reach our target audience, and a personalized direct mailing to keep consumers hungry for each new discovery.


A digital activation for Sinterklaas

On the occasion of Sinterklaas, and to strengthen the bond between parents and their child(ren), we created a dedicated microsite for the Olvarit website, which contained a ton of fun things for parents to do with their children and a free-to-enter, easy-to-participate online competition. Targeting the right audience with a powerful digital advertising plan (including web banners and social media ads) in combination with an appealing email activation proved to be a big success, and left a lot of parents competing for DreamLand gift cards and, more importantly, bonding with their little one(s).