Danone BIO – Inspired by nature

More and more young parents and millennials are turning to organic alternatives to build healthy family habits. And they just love transparent food choices that benefit them and the planet in the long run. And that’s exactly where Danone comes in. Willing and able to play a key role in transforming the dairy market, they went on a journey with us to reclaim yoghurt as a simple, natural and nutrient-rich product that’s there for every family member. Together, we launched this new BIO range in the Belgian Retail shelves.


Rediscover goodness

Good food can do wonders for your body. And hey, it tastes even better when you really know it’s healthy. As a natural source of calcium and protein, Danone yoghurts treat families to a nutrient-rich feel-good moment: a simple way to start off your morning strong.

To re-establish Danone’s goodness, we developed shopper and below the line communication tools. From banners and in-store tasting stands to advertisements in folders and retailer magazines: we triggered customers to rediscover the goodness of yoghurt by foregrounding Danone as the undisputed hero of healthy foods.


Activia – The cereal way to live in sync

With over 30 years of research & development in ferments and yoghurt processes under their belt, Activia’s passion and expertise in fresh milk products continues to inspire health-conscious women all over the world. With WeCereal, Activia introduces four fibre-rich yoghurts that celebrate everything soft and crunchy: Cereal, Hazelnut Quinoa, Muesli and Walnut Poppy Seeds. And with personality, comes responsibility.

To seduce the curious consumer, we took care of the full in-store campaign. Not only did we tailor it specifically to the Belgian market, through exciting demos and supermarket tasting sessions, we increased product penetration on all platforms.