Ruby RB1 – Feel the spark

Meet ruby RB1: the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift of Mother Nature surprises with a new chocolate taste & colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean.

To successfully launch this 4th type in chocolate, we built the innovative chocolate concept from scratch: from full social media content approach and exclusive online order platform to an exciting ruby RB1 launch event at Salon Du Chocolat, Brussels. Our aim was to tease chefs, chocolatiers and chocolate-lovers alike, all patiently waiting to uncover something truly unseen. We fleshed out the experience through surprising recipe brochures, ads and in-store POS-materials.


A Revolutionary Range of Chocolate Gelato

As a worldwide ambassador for the Finest Belgian Chocolate, Callebaut pioneers flavour above all else. And he who travels, explores. With an all-new collection of authentic chocolate gelato, Belgium’s finest wanted to support true Italian artistry. Enriching ice cream with real chocolate, and providing customers with a full-bodied flavour.

What better place to celebrate the age-old craft of ice cream making than at Sigep, located in Italy’s ice cream capital: Rimini. We created an interactive, customer-centric launch campaign to tell the stories of today’s gelatieri, along with compelling packaging, social media coverage and a digital app that let’s every gelatiere share his own signature style.


Infusing Tomorrowland 2016 with chocolate Belgitude

Callebaut takes great pride in our beautiful little country. And is there a better place than the Tomorrowland festival – where over 200 different nationalities come together to celebrate – to inject with a delicious dose of Belgian madness? That’s why the Finest Belgian Chocolate manufacturer installed its Belgitude dessert bar on the festival grounds of Tomorrowland this summer.

The goal: spoiling the festivalgoers with a brand-new Belgitude dessert that features the best ingredients Belgium has to offer, prepared à la minute by the Callebaut chefs and their peers. We co-developed the mouth-wateringly delicious concept with the popular chocolate brand and designed the festive packaging for it. And of course we were present during the festival as well to put the dessert bar on the map with print materials and live social media coverage to show the people at home what they were missing out on.


Crafted from bean to chocolate

Great things are made in Belgium. Take the homebred Callebaut chocolate for instance. Started in Belgium in 1911, Callebaut’s chocolate makers still embrace the way their founding father Octaaf Callebaut crafted the famed chocolate in the early days: from bean to chocolate, all under one roof. It made the brand one of first bean-to-bar makers in Belgium – still adhering to this century of expertise. We created an inspiring communication concept and identity to narrate the unique Callebaut story, created in Belgium from bean to chocolate. Bringing together a world of tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and shared passion. Each Callebaut chocolate product is the apogee of the unique ‘bean to chocolate’ story, embodying all elements of the great process. That is why Berlin created the metaphor of the chocolate packaging as a magical miniature workshop in which all the essential steps of chocolate making are featured.