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Welcome To A Universe Of Taste Creation

What you get when you combine real-life cocoa beans with virtual reality? A unique sensory experience filled with playful aromas, organoleptic notes and ultimately: an intense chocolate flavour. For Sirha 2017, we set up the immersive Or Noir Laboratory. With over 20 cocoa origins and couverture chocolates to choose from, visitors built a taste profile to their liking and composed their very own custom-made palate.

Our goal was to create an enticing space that takes its visitors on a journey. By blending Callebaut chocolate with a wide variety of cocoa pastes, our guests let their imagination run wild. Striving for uniqueness, and refining a taste that differentiates their business.

Cacao Barry

A new journey of World Chocolate Masters has started

A new journey of World Chocolate Masters has started, the only competition in the world dedicated to the individual creativity of chocolatiers and pastry chefs with chocolate. It’s an amazing platform for upcoming chefs from all over the globe to share their talent with the world.

We developed & launched the new competition theme for Cacao Barry, and will continue working on the full World Chocolate Masters experience during the national qualifying rounds in 2017 and the World Final in 2018. In 20 cities around the globe, the new Futropolis theme was simultaneously revealed live by the world’s most influential pastry chefs and chocolatiers.

The competition is all about letting chefs talent shine. More than ever, this 7th edition will focus on innovation and creativity, since the world of gastronomy changes at an incredible pace. Keep an eye on to follow everything about the competition, the assignments and the spectacular creations.

Cacao Barry

Taste has evolved

What a thrill! Berlin was asked to co-develop the concept for a brand-new chocolate range with unrivalled natural intensity, reflecting the pure flavours of the cocoa bean. Q-fermentation is its secret: an exciting, natural fermentation process that brings out the best in each bean and simply works with bacteria found in the natural environment of the cocoa plantation. We developed the packaging, range architecture and all tools to support the story behind the chocolates, enabling chefs to bring out pure and more intense cocoa flavours in their creations. The core of the new couverture chocolate is the unique story from farmer to chef and the Q-Fermentation method for superior and natural purity and taste. These different aspects are the building blocks of the story. Discover the full report at

Cacao Barry

Creating a realtime and digital stage for the best chocolate talents in the world

The World Chocolate Masters, organised by gourmet chocolate brand Cacao Barry, is the world’s most exciting competition solely dedicated to the art of chocolate. The final of this competition was held in Paris in October 2015, bringing 20 nations together. Indeed, 20 chefs from nations all over the world joined in Paris after 2 years of training and hard work to show their best. Only one could win the title of World Chocolate Master. The aims were high: we were asked to create an immersive experience – boasting with emotions – touching and reaching out to a global audience of chocolate lovers and foodies.
So we created the event’s visual identity, an impressive 1000 square meters booth in the heart of Paris, scripted a 3-day live stream and coordinated the complete AV-broadcasting and event flow. We fully exploited the digital and social media opportunities. In short, the people at Cacao Barry entrusted us with the whole nine yards and you can still relive the amazing experience at

Some impressive numbers: we reached out to 1 million viewers – spending a mere 2000 euro on digital advertising. So an intense experience it was. Our team started every morning with a delicious tablet of Cacao Barry’s couverture chocolates. That kept us going.