The bottle reflects the brand

Bru, the delicious natural mineral water sourced in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, has been a staple on restaurant tables for years. But the refreshing water brand wanted to make it as clear as, well, water that it simple loves all tables out there: big tables, small tables, sober tables, frivolous tables, family tables and, most importantly, dinner tables. To Bru, each table is a source of pleasure and togetherness, and the brand strives to be the ideal table partner for the heartfelt moments people share while enjoying fine eating or a good conversation. That’s why we developed a series of key visuals that reflect this idea in the most intimate way: each image portrays an inspiring moment of togetherness in a different setting, affectionately enveloped by a Bru water bottle to emphasise that the brand is the perfect companion to establish these profound experiences.