Bringing maize to your BBQ

Bonduelle is a company with a wealth of experience in vegetable products. To give their canned Crispy Maize a head start, we built their customer-centric summer campaign from the ground up.

Nothing like some fine grillin’ & chillin’ when it’s baking hot outside. Since maize is the perfect ingredient for making fresh summer salads, our all-yellow barbecue concept quickly came to life. By participating in a one-winner-per-store contest, customers could win their very own Jamie Oliver BBQ set. All they needed to do was fill in a questionnaire and deposit their answers in a totem of a participating shop.

We provided stores with eye-catching point of sale materials like displays, recipe leaflets, shelf stoppers, wobblers and totems. And to communicate the campaign to internal sales teams and shop owners, informative leaflets were handed out with detailed descriptions on how to run the competition.


Scrumptious gold at the end of the maze

Bonduelle, the French canned vegetables manufacturer, unrolled a fantastic campaign to put the spotlight on its deliciously crispy maize. The company erected a huge interactive maize maze (get it?) in a field in the Dutch village of Nederweert, which you had to ‘treasure hunt’ your way through to discover the scrumptious gold at the end of it: a free can of Bonduelle maize for every participant! We took care of communicating the campaign in-store with engaging totems, leaflets and side flags, so people easily found their way to the maze for a whole afternoon of fun and crispy golden veggies!