Premium cocoa brought to life

Bensdorp has been manufacturing the world’s finest cocoa powder for more than 175 years now, and approached us with the request to fit the company with a new visual identity and website. Now if that didn’t make the historiographer in us go about mad with excitement, we don’t know what would. So we humbly accepted the assignment and eagerly delved into the company’s endlessly rich cocoa heritage and tradition of innovation. The resulting amount of information proved so enormous that we decided to turn that consideration alone into our main conceptual hook: we developed a set of beautifully dynamic key visuals with such an intricate level of detail that they make you discover a new aspect of the Bensdorp (hi)story every time you take a look at them. The subsequent website design further elaborates on this theme of heritage and innovation, and displays an amazing feature: an easy-to-use two-way application guide that helps users find the right Bensdorp cocoa powder for their recipe, but also lists recipes suited for their favourite Bensdorp powder, instantly turning it into their pow(d)er of success.