Special Edition “The Spirit of London”

Beefeater is an absolute classic among seasoned gin & tonic lovers, we partnered up with Vlastuin CDI to create a unique gift pack. The highly popular Dry Gin was born in the heart of London and continues to be inspired by this vibrant city today, which, in turn, inspired us to design a special edition packaging that explicitly refers to the UK roots if this iconic spirit. The elegant gold foil lettering and embossed logo give it an extra festive appeal, and stand out beautifully against the subtle London cityscape that makes up the background, both inside and out. The packaging offers a bottle of Beefeater and a complimentary highball glass, which essentially gives you everything you need to enjoy the gin’s rich, clean taste as an after work refreshment, restaurant aperitif or intimate drink to start off a successful date with. Cheers!