A Revolutionary Range of Chocolate Gelato

As a worldwide ambassador for the Finest Belgian Chocolate, Callebaut pioneers flavour above all else. And he who travels, explores. With an all-new collection of authentic chocolate gelato, Belgium’s finest wanted to support true Italian artistry. Enriching ice cream with real chocolate, and providing customers with a full-bodied flavour. What…Read More

Activia – The cereal way to live in sync

With over 30 years of research & development in ferments and yoghurt processes under their belt, Activia’s passion and expertise in fresh milk products continues to inspire health-conscious women all over the world. With WeCereal, Activia introduces four fibre-rich yoghurts that celebrate everything soft and crunchy: Cereal, Hazelnut Quinoa, Muesli…Read More

Infusing Tomorrowland 2016 with chocolate Belgitude

Callebaut takes great pride in our beautiful little country. And is there a better place than the Tomorrowland festival – where over 200 different nationalities come together to celebrate – to inject with a delicious dose of Belgian madness? That’s why the Finest Belgian Chocolate manufacturer installed its Belgitude dessert…Read More

Welcome To A Universe Of Taste Creation

What you get when you combine real-life cocoa beans with virtual reality? A unique sensory experience filled with playful aromas, organoleptic notes and ultimately: an intense chocolate flavour. For Sirha 2017, we set up the immersive Or Noir Laboratory. With over 20 cocoa origins and couverture chocolates to choose from,…Read More