Ruby RB1 – Feel the spark

Meet ruby RB1: the most uncommon chocolate discovery in 80 years. This gift of Mother Nature surprises with a new chocolate taste & colour experience, born from the ruby cocoa bean. To successfully launch this 4th type in chocolate, we built the innovative chocolate concept from scratch: from full social…Read More

XLS Medical – Unlocking matcha’s potential

“Say tea to your unwanted kilos.” XL-S Medical Tea has released the 1st natural tea with a clinically proven effect on your belly fat. Pretty neat, right? We played with the product’s key ingredient – matcha powder – to really put its natural character in the spotlight and capture customers’…Read More

Focaccia fever

Naming a snack that’s even more classic than the traditional focaccia al forno? Impossible. This Ligurian delight tops every other bite in the business. Whether you like it spicy, or prefer a vegetarian Calabria, its tasty variations have been well-loved crowd-pleasers years before pizza was invented! We created Croustico’s full…Read More

Infusing Tomorrowland 2016 with chocolate Belgitude

Callebaut takes great pride in our beautiful little country. And is there a better place than the Tomorrowland festival – where over 200 different nationalities come together to celebrate – to inject with a delicious dose of Belgian madness? That’s why the Finest Belgian Chocolate manufacturer installed its Belgitude dessert…Read More

Welcome To A Universe Of Taste Creation

What you get when you combine real-life cocoa beans with virtual reality? A unique sensory experience filled with playful aromas, organoleptic notes and ultimately: an intense chocolate flavour. For Sirha 2017, we set up the immersive Or Noir Laboratory. With over 20 cocoa origins and couverture chocolates to choose from,…Read More