Vandemoortele | Salad in a Jar 2.0 campaign

Discover the Salads in a Jar 2.0

Vandemoortele, a manufacturer of cooking oils and dressings (among other things), picked us as the right partner to relaunch its Salad in a Jar campaign. With an all-new take on the classic preserving jar and a ton of inspiring recipes as customer incentives, Salad in a Jar 2.0 brazenly set…Read More

Infusing Tomorrowland 2016 with chocolate Belgitude

Callebaut takes great pride in our beautiful little country. And is there a better place than the Tomorrowland festival – where over 200 different nationalities come together to celebrate – to inject with a delicious dose of Belgian madness? That’s why the Finest Belgian Chocolate manufacturer installed its Belgitude dessert…Read More

Taste has evolved

What a thrill! Berlin was asked to co-develop the concept for a brand new chocolate range with unrivaled natural intensity, reflecting the pure flavors of the cacao bean. Q-fermentation is its secret: an exciting, natural fermentation process that brings out the best in each bean and simply works with bacteria…Read More